Annex: Personal Data Processing and Assignment of Image Rights


This Annex shall be read in conjunction with the Competition Rules.

Terms used but not defined in this Annex will have the same meaning given to them in the Competition Rules.

The Participant by reason of the participation in the Ria Talent Festival


  1. the processing by Ria of Personal Data provided for the purpose of entry into the Competition and any information collected during the rendering of the cash remittance service by Ria and which is required in order to assess the compliance of the requirements stipulated in the Competition Rules and in any applicable regulation for the participation in the Competition according to the terms and conditions which are specified below.
  2. Ria to use and publish the Participant’s image on the Website, the Ria website, social networks, blogs and other platforms in any Competition-related promotional activity.
  3. The communication and dissemination by Ria of the material submitted to the Competition by the Participant.

Ria shall act as “data controller” of the Personal Data. Accordingly, Ria shall determine how Personal Data is used and the means used when processing your Personal Data provided at all times, such use is in accordance with data protection regulation.

The Data Protection Officer of the Euronet group to which Ria belongs (the “DPO”) may be contacted as is specified below:

  • in writing to:         Ria Payment Services Limited

Att.: Data Protection Office
5th Floor, North Block
55 Baker Street

  1. What Personal Data is collected and how is it is collected?

The Personal Data which is furnished by you. Ria shall only process the Personal Data necessary for the purposes specified below. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ria shall process Personal Data that the Participant directly furnishes in relation to the Competition, such as, by completing the Form for participation in the Competition. The type of Personal Data which is collected shall be contact information in order to manage communications with the Participant in relation to the Competition.

Ria shall process Personal Data which was collected during the rendering of the cash remittance service for the purpose of entry into the Competition as treating the Participant as a Ria customer. In this case, the information which Ria may process can include the following types of Personal Data:

  • Personal data, such as any information which enables you to be identified. This may include the name, marital status, residential and/or employer’s address, email, telephone and/or fax number and other contact information, date of birth, gender, images, signature, passport/visa; names and data of beneficiaries of your transactions executed through our service;
  • Financial data, such as your payment information and that of your beneficiaries and the account number used for bank transfers; and/or
  • Further information required by law in relation to the prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and criminal activities, such as the type of relationship with the transaction beneficiary, the purpose of the transaction and evidence of sufficient funds.


  1. For what purpose does Ria process the Personal Data?

The Personal Data shall be processed for the following purposes:

  • Management of the Participant’s participation in the Competition
  • Compliance of any legal obligation whatsoever, including any tax liability derivative from the status of Competition winner
  • Publication of any material furnished by the Participant
  • Promotion of the Ria brand and participation in subsequent competitions of this nature.


  • How do we use your Personal Data?

Ria uses the Personal Data and other information that the Participant has furnished in all cases for legally permissible purposes and on the basis of the legitimate reasons which are specified below:

  • The legitimacy to process the Data for the purpose described in Section i. is the consent specifically conferred by the Participant upon the signature of the Annex.
  • The legitimacy to process the Data for the purpose described in Section ii. is the compliance of any statutory requirement applicable to Ria.
  • The legitimacy to process the Data for the purpose described in Section iii. is the consent specifically conferred by the Participant upon the signature of the
  • The legitimacy to process the Data for the purpose described in Section iv. is the legitimate interest of Ria .


  1. Is the Personal Data shared with any third party?

Ria shall share the Personal Data with companies belonging to the Euronet Group (a number of which may be located outside the EEA) only for the purposes, or to enable or facilitate the attainment of the purposes stipulated in the Competition Rules and in the Annex. This may include the requirement to share the Personal Data with the Euronet Group.

Likewise, Ria may share Personal Data with service providers in order to properly manage the Competition. We warrant having the appropriate safeguards requiring that the service providers with whom the information is shared protect the Personal Data, such as contractual undertakings as regards the use of the Personal Data.

Ria may likewise disclose the Personal Data under exceptional cases if so required by law, a court order, law enforcement agencies or any other government authority or when it is considered in good faith that the disclosure of said information is required or advisable to identify, contact, or undertake pertinent legal actions.


  1. How long will Personal Data be retained?

The Personal Data shall be retained during the Competition period. Upon conclusion of the Competition and only in the event of being selected the Winner, Ria shall process the Winner’s Personal Data for a period of one year for National Winners and a period of 5 years for European Winners, starting from the conclusion of the competition period.

Upon conclusion of the specified deadlines, the Personal Data shall be deleted, unless the retention thereof is required in order to manage any liability derivative from the legal relationship or to comply with the applicable regulations, in which case the data shall be stored duly blocked.


  1. What are the Participants’ rights as regards to data protection?

Ria customers may exercise any of the rights he/she enjoys pursuant to the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data by contacting the DPO via the following email address dpo@euronetworldwide.com.


  • Personal Data Security

Ria is concerned about maintaining the security of your Personal Data and has appropriate measures in place for safeguarding against loss, unauthorised use or modification of the data under our control.

Having modern secure techniques in place, Ria is able to protect its systems against the intrusion of unauthorised individuals and continuously updates its security as the latest innovative methods emerge.

Our data centres, in addition to those of our partners, have state-of-the-art security measures to prevent unauthorised access to the site. All Personal Data is stored in a secure location protected by firewalls and other sophisticated security systems with limited administrative access (restricted to those persons who need to know that information).

All Ria employees involved in processing Personal Data have a contractual duty of confidentiality and comply with Ria’s privacy standards.

There are no security measures which are perfect or impenetrable. Accordingly, standardised practices are used to protect the privacy, the absolute security of the Personal Data cannot be warranted.

By entering the Competition, I hereby confirm my consent for Ria to use and process my Personal Data for the assessment of compliance with the requirements stipulated in the Competition Rules.